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We provide 
banking as a platform to enable the future of financial services today.

We aim to improve the business of our partners by offering a banking platform, which lets them seamlessly integrate financial services into their offering. We make the integration of our modular services as fast as possible by providing modern RESTful APIs and constantly striving for a full automation of all processes.

Our goal is to accelerate the transformation of the financial services industry: By making possibly every company worldwide a provider of financial services, banks will in the future act solely as the providers of infrastructure and become mostly invisible to the consumer.

Thus, our platform will become a global digital ecosystem for financial services: a place where any company can build its own, modern and scalable banking products - to enable the future of financial services.


The multidisciplinary solarisBank team of 130 employees coming from more than 25 nations combines startup engineers and entrepreneurs with seasoned banking and finance experts.

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Our investors

solarisBank is backed by international, renowned investors and has received 38.5m Euros of funding as of today. The latest funding round of 23.6m Euros was announced in March 2017.

SBI Group

solarisBank in numbers

  • 130+ in staff
  • 34 years average age
  • 25+ nationalities
  • 180+ API endpoints

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