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The banking platform for finance pioneers

We empower our partners to spend less time juggling regulations and more time building world-beating products.

Our raison d’etre? To help finance pioneers build a better financial future for us all. How? By providing easy access to the key building blocks they need to innovate in finance: banking tech and regulatory air cover. We provide finance pioneers with a simple, API-powered financial platform that’s easy to setup and simple to build with.




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What makes us different

At solarisBank, tech is in our DNA. We’re technically a bank, but we sure don’t feel like one. Technology is our core business—we live and breathe ones and zeros. Come walk through our halls and you’ll see what we mean. Whether you’re a big-bank CEO or a big-idea entrepreneur, we treat everyone on eye-level and get things done, true to our startup origin.

We believe in empowering pioneering companies

solarisBank already reaches millions of people through its first partners. We don’t just see partners as our business. They’re our Archimedes’ lever to accelerate innovation in the financial world- and everything that touches it.

“Working with solarisBank saves us days of manual processes every month.”

“solarisBank knows how startups work—they had no problem keeping up with us.”

“solarisBank is the perfect partner for AutoScout24 because we also see ourselves as digital pioneers.”

Rooted in experience

solarisBank isn’t your average startup: we have the experience to back up our programming chops. Our company roster boasts hundreds of years of combined experience in both the financial and tech sectors.

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